980 MC I/1/2 Single Channel Conductivity Indicator/Controller/Transmitter

Micro controller based conductivity measuring instruments. Wide range selection from 0-10 uS to 0- 100000uS or more are available.
Ideal for desalination plants and other online applications. Two/ Three alarm outputs,two solated current outputs and RS 485 are provided for data storage and communication applications.
Parameter Conductivity
Range 0-100 /0-1000 /0-10000 /0-100000 uS or any range on request
Accuracy 0.50%
Resolution 1 uS
Zero Adjustment +/- 15% of Zero
Span Adjustment +/- 15% of Span
Temperature Compensation Automatic upto 100°C
Temp. Coefficient setting 0.1 to 3% per °C
Enclosure Panel Mountable 96X96X150 mm
Explosion Proof Enclosure On Request
Current Output 4-20 mA Isolated into 600 ohms resistive load
Alarm Output 1 or 2 as option