980-m 980MP/980MC/980MT/980MO/980MN are microcontroller based Instruments These Instruments are panel mountable. The dimensions are 96x96x150mm. These Instruments are available in single channel/two channel version. The channel selection is available among the following parameters Viz pH / Conductivity / TDS / ORP. These Instruments can be offered as
  • Indicators only
  • Indicators and controllers
  • Indicators with standard 4-20 mA current output. The current output is isolated

It is to be noted that a total of three control outputs and two currents outputs are available in multichannel Instruments. The choice of control output for the parameter is possible. The current output can be configured to any parameter of interest.
Temperature compensation is provided in the software for pH and Conductivity. For conductivity, the temperature coefficient selection for different medium under measurement is possible in steps of 0.1% upto 3%.
These instruments are available in single channel and Dual channel versions
Possible combinations of dual channel versions are
  • pH/ORP
  • pH/Conductivity
  • pH/TDS
  • Conductivity/Conductivity
  • Conductivity/TDS

  • The instrument is based on ATmel micro controller with 12 bit ADC
  • Two line ,16 Character (16X2) AlphaNumeric LCD Display
  • Three alarm outputs are provided. The alarm setting is programmable.
  • 230V/110V AC 50Hz Supply
  • RS 485 with PC interface and Software(optional)
  • The Instruments are panel mountable DIN Size enclosure.
  • Auto Zero and span adjustment
  • Self diagnostic feature
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