980AP Series

980ap The 980 AP series offers cost effective solutions to the on line measurements of pH/Conductivity/ Total Dissolved Solids/Oxidation Reduction potential and Turbidity. They are panel mountable .The dimensions are 96x96x150mm
These Instruments are offered as
  • Indicators only
  • Indicators and Controllers with either one or two control outputs
  • Indicators with standard 4-20 ma current output .The current output can be isolated or un-isolated. The load will be 600 ohms.

  • 3 1/2 Digit 7 Segment LED Display
  • Two alarm outputs
  • Three alarm outputs are provided. The alarm setting is programmable.
  • Contact ratings 230V AC 10 amps
  • 230V/110V AC 50Hz Supply
  • Panel mountable DIN Size enclosure
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