974T I /1/2 Filed mounted TDS Indicator/Controller/Transmitter

TDS measurement on a continuous basis in a wide range from 0 to 100000 ppm is made easy in open channel  ,rivers etc by its weather proof wall mounting type enclosure. Ultra bright 1” LED display for display of parameter value. Isolated current output( 974 TI ),One/Two control outputs ( 974 T- 2)    and combination of current and control outputs ( 974 T I- 2) are possible.
Parameter TDS
Range 0-100 /0-1000 /0-10000 /0-100000 uS or any range on request
Accuracy 0.50FS%
Resolution 1 ppm
Zero Adjustment +/- 15% of Zero
Span Adjustment +/- 15% of Span
Temperature Compensation Automatic upto 100°C
Enclosure Field Mountable 295X215X115 SMC Box Pipe line/ Bracked Mounted
Explosion Proof Enclosure On Request
Current Output 4-20 mA Isolated into 600 ohms resistive load
Alarm Output 1 or 2 as option
Power Supply 230 VAC 50Hz (110 VAC on request)