972O Two Wire ORP Trannsmitter/Indicator

972 Model Two ORP Transmitter are operating on 24 VDc
Input and output isolation provide
Explosion proof enclosure is certified for class 2A and 2B operation.
Loop Powered LCD display is employed for parameters displayed.
Parameter ORP
Range -1000 mV to + 1000 mV or any other range on request
Accuracy 0.25%
Resolution 1 mV
Zero Adjustment +/- 15% of Zero
Span Adjustment +/- 15% of Span
Enclosure Field Mountable 195X170X70 SMC Enclosure
Explosion Proof Enclosure On Request
Current Output 4-20 mA Isolated into 600 ohms resistive load
Display 3 1/2" LCD (Loop Powered)