machine line A mobile unit with a array of in built sensors to measure pH, conductivity and ORP. It has dosing pumps for pumping neutralising agents as well as one multichannel measuring instrument. The system has a single inlet and a single outlet for raw and product water respectively.

The RO station has a set of alarms that activate the dosing pumps. The instrument is provided with a RS 485 port which can be synchronized with an in house computer software for analysis.The RO station is fully pre-wired and plumbed.

Ground Water Monitoring

machine line System for measurement of quality of water in deep borewells.The sensor and electronics will be in an enclosure that will go down in a borewell of diameter from 1 1/2 inches onwards.The depth can be as deep as 200 meters.The instrument will measure the pH,TDS,and also record the depth of the borewell.This is ideally suited for ground water level and quality monitoring.
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