Adsensors (India) Private Limited is a developer and manufacturer of a comprehensive range of analytical monitoring instruments for testing industrial effluent, potable water, ground water, waste water, quality of plating bath solutions, reaction monitoring in fermenters in biotech and pharmaceutical industries etc.i. Incorporated in the year 1995, Adsensors has been providing quality test equipments for nearly two decades.

We offer water quality monitoring products based on unique requirements of the clients. Our equipments provide highly accurate in-situ analysis of physio-chemical water quality parameters like pH, Conductivity, TDS, ORP, DO and Turbidity. The products are designed for long term or unattended r quality monitoring. Instruments are available in laboratory versions as well.

We focus on your specific needs through our innovative products, strong technical support, and dedicated customer service round the clock. All our products are designed and manufactured at our Chennai facility. We guarantee exemplary after sales service and easy availability of spares throughout India.

Notable among our client lists include ABB, TVS group, Tanfac (Aditya Birla group).ITC, Defense, Nuclear power plants, TATA projects, manufacturers of Treatment plants and many others who trust on Adsensors as an one stop water quality monitoring solution provider. We serve following industry verticals: chemical industries, automobile industries, defense, nuclear power plants etc. Treatment plants, ETP and RO plants can benefit from our comprehensive packages.

Our goal is to manufacture and market state- of-the- art instruments which are both cost-effective and reliable. We market products to a gamut of manufacturing companies on an OEM basis. With the expertise we have in the field of environmental monitoring, we have decided to manufacture and market complete monitoring stations which includes instruments, data logging and a PC interface for analysis and communication.

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